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The Hideaway

Bee Salty is located on a private property where we can have fun one day throwing around paint or making candles to coming back and enjoying a deep glowing facial cleanse. It's a safe space to take care of your mind body & soul.

Our Philosophy

BEE SALTY is the CREATIVE BUZZ around town! 


Not only do we focus on creating fun group DIY projects, art work shops, Candle making or skincare creating--We also focus on unique custom skin facials, permanent make up, micro-needling, microblading, lashes & custom skincare to benefit the skin. Bee Salty products focus on healthy PH levels that benefit the skin, glowing formulations the skin recognizes and is easily absorbed to give your skin the love and care its begging for. Bee Salty uses natural products and many of the products include honey, bees wax or propolis for their highly moisturizing, softening, glowing and cleansing properties on our skin. Honey is a humectant, and will draw moisture into the skin, bee wax is a protective barrier, propolis has powerful healing properties—Bee Salty Skincare Buzz works quickly to regenerate skin and make skin texture smoother, more supple & glowing. 

bee Salty Art Acrylic Pour Class Florida.jpg
Multiethnic group of art school students of young and mature ages enjoying artistic hobby
Image by Alice Donovan Rouse
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